Authorised Capital

Pursuant to section 4 para. 2 of the statutes, the Management Board is authorised, subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board, to increase the company’s share capital by up to EUR 21.6 million (authorised capital) by May 2, 2022 by issuing new common bearer shares and/or non-voting preferred shares against cash or non-cash contributions once or several times.
The Management Board may exclude shareholders’ subscription rights with the consent of the Supervisory Board in the following cases:

(i) to offset fractional amounts;

(ii)  if the shares are issued against a non-cash contribution, especially in conjunction with the acquisition of companies, operations or equity investments, in the context of mergers and/or for the purpose of acquiring other assets including rights and receivables; this authorisation applies only to the exclusion of subscription rights for shares that represent no more than 20 percent of the share capital (i.e. up to an amount of EUR 8,640,000.00);

(iii)  if the shares are issued against a cash contribution and the issue price per share is not materially lower than the market price of the listed shares entailing basically the same rights at the time of the issue of the shares. In this case, the subscription right may be excluded only if the number of shares issued this way, together with the number of own shares sold ex rights during the term of this authorisation pursuant to section 186 para. 3 sentence 4 AktG and the number of shares that may arise from the exercise of option and/or conversion rights or the fulfilment of conversion obligations under bonds with warrants and/or convertible bonds and/or profit participation rights that are issued during the term of this authorisation in an ex-rights issue in accordance with section 186 para. 3 sentence 4 AktG, does not exceed 10 percent of the share capital at the time of the coming into effect of this authorisation or if this number is lower at the time this authorisation is exercised;

(iv) to the extent that this is required to grant the holders of option or conversion rights/ obligations a subscription right to new shares in the amount to which they would be entitled after exercising their option or conversion rights or meeting their conversion obligation as a shareholder.

You find the complete wording under section 4 para. 2 of the statutes.