Financial Indicators

Financial figures2016/172015/16
Equity ratioin %56.457.2
Debt ratio 1in %75.872.3
Interest coverage ratio 2in %400.2569.3
Return on equityin %1.92.4
Investment in property, plant, and equipment and intangible assetsin EUR million6.96.3
Net Working Capital 3in EUR million86.389.9
Cash flow from operating activitiesin EUR million10.24.9
Total assetsin EUR million181.2181.6
1 excl. deferred taxes
2 before special effects
3 inventories, trade receivables and trade payables
Key management and financial indicators2016/172015/16
Salesin Mio. EUR235.9237.8
Gross marginin %49.649.2
EBITDA 1in EUR million8.710.0
EBITDA-Margin 1in %3.74.2
EBIT 1in EUR million3.54.9
EBIT-margin 1in %1.52.1
Net incomein EUR million1.92.5
Profit margin before taxesin %1.01.4
Profit margin after taxesin %0.81.0
Earnings per common sharesin EUR0.110.15
Earnings per preferred sharesin EUR0.160.20
Net Working Capital 2in EUR million86.389.9
Cash flow from operating activitiesin EUR million10.24.9
Return on Investmentin %1.01.4
1 before special effects
2 Inventories, trade receivables and trade payables


Free Cashflowin EUR millionin EUR millionin %
Consolidated net income for the period1.92.5-24.0
Depreciation, amortisation, and impairment losses5.05.2-3.8
Change in net working capital3.6-3.6n.a.
Change in current provisions-0.3-0.425.0
Other changes 10.01.2-100.0
Cash flow from operational activities10.24.9108.2
Net investments -6.5-5.6-16.1
Effects of changes in the scope of exchange rates0.2-0.6n.a.
Free cash flow before financing activity3.9-1.3n.a.
Additions to (+), repayment of (-) non-current liabilities3.31.4135.7
Dividend payments-2.4-3.020.0
Free Cashflow4.8-2.9n.a.
Liquid funds as of November 30 26.31.5>200.0
1 Other non-cash expenses and income EUR 0.3 million (previous year: EUR 0.0 million) Change in non-current provisions and other liabilities EUR -1.4 million (previous year EUR 0.6 million)
2 Cash and cash equivalents less overdrafts