Earnings Position

in EUR millionin EUR millionin %
Gross profit109.2117.1-6.7
in % of sales48.949.6
Personnel expenses 1-50.7-51.00.6
Balance of other expenses/income 1-54.8-57.44.5
EBITDA 13.78.7-57.5
Depreciation and amortisation 1-5.1-5.21.9
EBIT 1-1.43.5n.a
Special effects-5.0-0.5<-200.0
Financial result-0.7-0.6-16.7
Earnings before taxes-7.12.4n.a.
Income taxes0.1-0.5n.a.
Consolidated net income for the year-7.01.9n.a.
1 before special effects

The 2018/19 set of measures aimed at increasing earnings and efficiency

• Announced in September 2018
• Details of the individual measures:
  o Focus on menswear in fashion business
  o Discontinuation of the sportswear activities of the Jupiter brand
  o Relocation of unfinished and finished goods logistics to Poland
  o Relocation of sampling processes from Poland to Asia
  o Intensification of full-package service arrangements, especially for jeans but also for menswear
  o Closure of unprofitable stores
  o General cost reduction
• Figures of the set of measures
  o Job cuts by 2020: 130, of which 100 in Germany
  o One-time effects in 2017/18: EUR 5.0 million
  o Effect on bottom line from 2020: approx. EUR 4.0 million, partly already in 2018/19