Balance Sheet Structure

AssetsNov. 30, 2020 ***Nov. 30, 2019
EUR millionin %EUR millionin %
Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets34,724,639.025.4
Other non-current assets10,47,411.97.7
Deferred tax assets0,50,41.00.7
Non-current assets45,632,451.933.8
Trade receivables12,38,715.19.8
Other current assets 6,74,78.95.8
Cash and cash equivalents4,63,311.47.4
Current assets95,467,6101.766.2
Total assets141,0100,0153.6100.0
Equity and liabilitiesNov. 30, 2020 ***Nov. 30, 2019
EUR millionin %EUR millionin %
Pension provisions3,22,33.42.2
Other non-current liabilities and provisions35,425,117.011.1
Deferred tax liabilities1,51,11.00.7
Non-current liabilities40,128,521.414.0
Current income tax payables0,50,30.70.5
Other current liabilities and provisions 31,922,643.228.1
Current liabilities32,422,943.928.6
Total equity and liabilities141,0100,0153.6100.0
*** before IFRS 16