Balance Sheet Structure

AssetsNov. 30, 2018Nov. 30, 2017
in EUR millionin %in EUR millionin %
Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets42.124.542.823.6
Other non-current assets19.211.119.510.8
Deferred tax assets1.
Non-current assets62.536.363.535.1
Trade receivables20.211.731.617.4
Other current assets4.
Cash and cash equivalents4.
Current assets109.763.7117.764.9
Total assets172.2100.0181.2100.0
Equity and liabilitiesNov. 30, 2018Nov. 30, 2017
in EUR millionin %in EUR millionin %
Pension provisions3.
Other non-current liabilities and provisions21.512.529.016.0
Deferred tax liabilities1.
Non-current liabilities26.015.134.719.1
Current income tax payables0.
Other current liabilities and provisions52.430.443.824.2
Current liabilities53.130.844.424.5
Total equity and liabilities172.2100.0181.2100.0