Fiscal year 2019/20

  • Q4 2020 down by “only” 10 percent due to stable sales in September and October
  • Declining revenue trend in 2019/20 (-26.8 percent) mainly due to coronavirus-related charges and discontinuation of operations as planned
  • Substantial reduction in operating expenses by EUR -18.0 million or -17.6 percent (before adoption of IFRS 16: EUR -17.8 million or -17.4 percent)
  • Consolidated net result down by EUR 14.8 million to EUR -18.5 million due to lower revenues (before adoption of IFRS 16: down EUR 14.7 million to EUR -18.4 million)
  • Cash flow strongly influenced by decline in consolidated earnings
  • Balance sheet structure remains solid as reflected in equity ratio of 46 percent (before adoption of IFRS 16: 49 percent; previous year: 57 percent)