Corporate responsibility

Ahlers wants to offer men attractive, innovative and modern fashion and to generate solid and profitable growth in the process. Sustainability is an integral element of our corporate DNA. For Ahlers, acting responsibly towards people, the environment and society is an important benchmark. In a global industry, we are well aware of our responsibility towards our stakeholders. We understand sustainability as an ongoing process, to which we gear our corporate activity and which we review on an ongoing basis.
Since the fiscal year 2014/15, Ahlers AG has dedicated a separate chapter of its Annual Report to its sustainability strategy. With the publication of the present 2017/18 sustainability chapter, the company for the first time also complies with the statutory requirement to issue a non-financial statement. We report on the key sustainability issues and how we shape them positively through our compliance management activities. We have defined four strategic fields of action – Employees, Product, Environment and Society – along which we want to inform you about the steps we take to achieve sustainable value creation:
Employees: Well-trained and motivated employees play a key role in reaching our ambitious operational and strategic objectives. We want to become an even more attractive employer and promote equal opportunities within the company.
Product: We want to produce our products efficiently. In doing so, we live up to our responsibility in the supply chain and monitor compliance with social standards in the procurement process. Our quality management activities ensure the safety and long life of our products as well as high customer satisfaction.
Environment: Our day-to-day work focuses on the effective further development of our products to organic standards in strict compliance with statutory limits. We review the environmental compatibility of the production process and work to improve our energy and resource footprint.
Society: The focus of our social commitment lies in the field of visual arts. For decades, we have been providing loans from the ahlers collection to support exhibitions at renowned museums in Germany and abroad. At the regional level, we cooperate with the Herford-based Stiftung Ahlers Pro Arte gGmbH.

Under the following link, you can download our latest Sustainability Report as an excerpt from the Annual Report 2017/18.