Ahlers as Employer

Ahlers is a family-run company with a long tradition at the Group headquarters in Herford. The distribution and logistic activities for part of Eastern Europe are controlled out of Opole (Poland). The company operates its own production facility in Sri Lanka. The Group also has employees in retail stores and sales offices across Europe.

As the company entered new market segments, e.g. e-commerce, and expanded its Retail activities, many new employees have joined the company in recent years.

In these growth segments as well as in other areas of the company, e.g. distribution and marketing, Ahlers is constantly on the lookout for ambitious and talented people who would like to contribute their passion and their commitment to a leading fashion company. Another focus is on the search for apprentices and university graduates, primarily in the fields of distribution, marketing, retail, product management and accounting/controlling. A trainee programme is available for graduates starting their career at Ahlers.