pierre cardin

Like nobody else, Pierre Cardin has made fashion and haute couture accessible for the people. A cosmopolitan outlook. A sure sense of style. Style leadership. Self-confidence. These are the characteristics of Pierre Cardin and the premium menswear from PIERRE CARDIN. Genuine brands cannot be artificially manufactured but are expressions of life itself.

PIERRE CARDIN is one of the best-known brands in the world. And as Pierre Cardin himself says, PIERRE CARDIN is not fashion for millionaires but fashion for millions. Offering highly commercial and sophisticated designer wear, PIERRE CARDIN fashion is made for men and women who want to look their best in their private and professional lives, attach importance to a perfect fit and want value for money.

Clear brand management through well-matched collections: denim, suits, jackets, shirts and knitwear as well as sports jackets and coats, complemented by denim for women. The brand is managed along clear lines aimed at raising its public profile, supporting retailers at the point of sale and informing consumers. PIERRE CARDIN shops in specialist retail outlets and dedicated PIERRE CARDIN stores continue to raise the visibility of the brand in the marketplace.

Pierre Cardin products have been produced by Ahlers under license since 1992 and are available from leading European retailers.