Stock market milestones

2022New Shoowroom for all Fashion Brands in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen
Simplification of the Group structure by closing subsidiaries in Eastern Europe, Austria and Germany

2021Change of stock market segment from Prime Standard back to General Standard


Redemption of the acquired own shares in a simplified procedure without capital reduction by adjusting the imputed pro-rata amount of the other shares in the Company's share capital.


Conversion of the bearer shares into registered shares, conversion of the preferred shares into common shares, conversion of the registered common shares with transfer restrictions into common shares without transfer restrictions.

Since July 2, 2018, the share capital of Ahlers AG in the amount of EUR 43.2 million has been divided into 13,681,520 no-par value registered ordinary shares.

2008/09      Repurchase of almost 5 percent of the common shares and preferred shares

2004   Inclusion in the Prime Standard segment of the German stock exchange

2001Voluntary delisting from the SMAX segment/index

2000Capital increase from capital reserve to EUR 43 million


Inclusion in SMAX and SDAX indexes
Capital increase by DM 12 million to DM 72 million

1998    Listing in official trading

1997Capital increase by DM 10 million to DM 60 million


Adolf Ahlers GmbH, a private limited company, is re-incorporated as a joint-stock company. The first Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on April 9 resolved to raise the share capital by DM 5 million to DM 30 million.

A consortium of banks led by Commerzbank AG underwrites the shares which are offered for subscription between May 22 and May 26. The issue price of the DM 50 shares is set at DM 300 and the offering is several times oversubscribed within a very short time.

Trading in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt commences on June 3 and the first official price was recorded at DM 320.