According to Art. 17 MAR, the Management Boards of listed companies are obliged to publish without delay any facts which may potentially have an adverse or beneficial impact on the company’s share price.

The Management Board of Ahlers AG takes the stipulations of the Federal Securities Trading Supervisory Authority very seriously and is committed to responsible use of this instrument.

At the request of Ahlers AG, admission of the registered ordinary shares to the Prime Standard has been revoked. Admission to the General Standard will remain in place, meaning that the shares will be traded in the General Standard with effect from 14th October 2021. This means, in particular, that notifications will only be published in German. As a result, the following notifications will only be published in German in the English-speaking section of our website going forward.

Ad-hoc-announcements 2023

Veräußerung des Geschäftsbetriebs durch den Insolvenzverwalter