According to Art. 17 MAR, the Management Boards of listed companies are obliged to publish without delay any facts which may potentially have an adverse or beneficial impact on the company’s share price.

The Management Board of Ahlers AG takes the stipulations of the Federal Securities Trading Supervisory Authority very seriously and is committed to responsible use of this instrument.

Ad-hoc-announcements 2018

Decline in revenues and earnings due to shift of revenues into Q2 2018 and declining own retail sales. Revenues down by 3.8 percent or EUR 2.4 million and consolidated earnings by 31 percent or EUR 0.9 million in Q1 2017/18. Forecast for full year unchanged: revenues and earnings expected to pick up.
Proposal to convert preferred shares into common shares to simplify the share structure.
Ahlers reports revenues and cash flow according to plan in FY 2016/17. Consolidated earnings after taxes come in below expectations at EUR 1.9 million due to increased expenses and lower gross profit margin. Stable dividend of EUR 0.15 per common share and EUR 0.20 per preferred share proposed.