Investor Relations - FAQ

When was Ahlers AG floated on the stock exchange?
The Ahlers share has been traded on the stock exchange since 1987. More information on the company’s stock market history can be found here.

Where are the shares listed?
     Frankfurt / Main (Regulated Market)
     Düsseldorf (Regulated Market)
     Berlin (Open Market)
     Munich (Open Market)
     Stuttgart (Open Market)

How many shares are outstanding?
     13,681,520 no par shares have been issued, including
     7,600,314 ordinary shares 
     6,081,206 preference shares.

What is the difference between ordinary shares and preference shares?
Ordinary shares are voting shares without preference rights. In contrast, preference shares normally carry no voting rights but offer their owners other benefits such as a preferred right to a share in the company’s profits, a right to retroactive payment of suspended dividends etc. Holders of Ahlers AG preference shares are entitled to a dividend which is EUR 0.05 higher than the ordinary dividend. More information on this matter can be found in our statutes.

What are your company’s securities identification numbers?
     Ordinary shares:
          WKN 500 970
          ISIN DE0005009708
          MIC AAH
     Preference shares:
          WKN 500 973
          ISIN DE0005009732
          MIC AAH 3

Where can I obtain current information on the Ahlers shares?
Recent press reports on the Ahlers share can be found here.

What were your most recent dividend payments?
The dividends paid by Ahlers AG for the financial year 2015/16 amounted to EUR 0.15 and EUR 0.20 per ordinary share and per preference share, respectively. The dividends paid for the financial year 2014/15 amounted to EUR 0.20 and EUR 0.25 per ordinary share and per preference share, respectively. The dividends paid for the financial year 2013/14 amounted to EUR 0.40 and EUR 0.45 per ordinary share and per preference share, respectively. For the financial year 2012/13 the company paid dividends of EUR 0.45 (ordinary shares) and EUR 0.50 (preference shares).  An overview of dividend payments in the past ten years can be found here.

When are dividends paid?
Dividends for the past financial year are always paid out following the respective decision by the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.

What about the shareholder structure of Ahlers AG?
The 13,681,520 shares in Ahlers AG are held as follows:
52.34% held by WTW-Beteilungsgesellschaft mbH 
0.20% held by Dr. Stella Ahlers and Westfälisches Textilwerk Adolf Ahlers Stiftung & Co.KG
47.46% widely held.  
(Status: December 31, 2017)

Different shareholder structures apply for the ordinary shares and the preference shares. More detailed information is provided here.

Where and when will the next Annual Shareholder’s Meeting take place?
The next Annual Shareholder’s Meeting will take place in Düsseldorf on April 24, 2018.

Where can I obtain information on the agenda for the next Annual Shareholder’s Meeting?
The agenda for the next Annual Shareholder’s meeting will be posted here as soon as it has been determined.

Where can I find the invitation to the next Annual Shareholder’s Meeting?
The next invitation will be posted here as soon as it has been published.

When are the voting results posted?
We provide the voting results from the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting as soon as possible. You will find the results here.

Where do I find the latest financial reports?
The most recent financial reports including the Annual Report, the Quarterly Report and the Interim Report can be found here. Older financial reports are available in our archive.

What is your financial year?
The company’s financial year runs from 1 December to 30 November.

What is the subscribed capital composed of?
The total subscribed capital of EUR 43.2 million is comprised of ordinary shares worth EUR 24.0 million and preference shares worth EUR 19.2 million.

What share of total sales does the international business account for?
International sales of the continued activities increased by EUR 2,2 million from EUR 106.7 million to Euro 108.9 million in fiscal 2016/17. Thus international sales accounted as in the previous year for 46 percent of the total sales.

Is it possible to order financial reports in hardcopy form?
Yes, printed financial reports can be ordered here.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?
Existing or prospective investors wishing to obtain further information on Ahlers AG are welcome to contact our investor relations service. More information is provided here.