Balance Sheet Structure

AssetsNov. 30, 2022Nov. 30, 2021
EUR millionin %EUR millionin %
Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets37.225.634.527.3
Other non-current assets5.
Deferred tax assets0.
Non-current assets42.829.440.432.0
Trade receivables17.712.217.513.9
Other current assets 6.84.710.98.6
Cash and cash equivalents3.
Current assets102.770.685.768.0
Total assets145.5100.0126.1100.0
Equity and liabilitiesNov. 30, 2022Nov. 30, 2021
EUR millionin %EUR millionin %
Pension provisions2.
Other non-current liabilities and provisions33.222.833.326.4
Deferred tax liabilities0.
Non-current liabilities35.624.436.829.2
Current income tax payables0.
Other current liabilities and provisions 60.141.429.723.6
Current liabilities61.042.030.524.2
Total equity and liabilities145.5100.0126.1100.0